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Описание: Бела - bela_the_witch@yahoo.com
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Дата: 07.12.2006 14:13
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Регистриран на: 02.05.2007
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i az sam si risuval takvoz "4asovni4e",oba4e moito e leko po-dobro.
02.05.2007 10:11 Offline hordika kosyo_e_velik at abv.bg

Регистриран на: 05.05.2007
Коментари: 19
mnogo e gotino

oba4e koq 4ast e ''Смъртна опасност'' ???
06.05.2007 05:38 Offline ^^famfas^^

Регистриран на: 26.06.2006
Коментари: 445
mn dobro

super e!
27.06.2007 14:00 Offline jiny1996 jiny1996 at abv.bg

Регистриран на: 01.08.2006
Коментари: 112
Famfas - ЧЕРНАТА!!!

Не е кой знае какво, но поне са ес постарали.
29.06.2007 13:56 Offline kardam91 krum91 at abv.bg

Регистриран на: 07.05.2006
Коментари: 21
За тези, които не разчитат или не знаят английски

Черната е Смъртна опастност.Кафявата е Загубен.Зелената е На работа.Червената не мога да я разчета.Лилавата е Вкъщи.Розовата е Училище.Синята е Болница.Много ще се радвам, ако някой ми каже какво е на червената.
09.07.2007 20:22 Offline nerid zars at mail.bg

Регистриран на: 15.02.2007
Коментари: 8

червената е на ПЪт или Пътуване
16.09.2007 09:53 Offline Miksitu

Регистриран на: 31.12.2007
Коментари: 33
Според мен,

на червената пише Travelling което значи пътуване.
Съгласна съм със Микситу.
04.01.2008 21:59 Offline Hermione_fenka_1

Регистриран на: 20.06.2007
Коментари: 1
zabravila sam :((((((

nqkoi moje li da mi kaje v koi film hari za pruv put vijda6e 4asovnika na semeistvo uizli
27.02.2008 16:36 Offline sims4eto

Регистриран на: 16.09.2010
Коментари: 10

1, Life is not dress rehearsal, live every day.
2, in fact, life is a kind of happiness that life taught me feel happy.
3, in the warmth of the test compound may be God or fate casual arrangement
4, human intelligence is great! It lets people find hope in despair, you can also set the Master in the hope of despair. Look around, how many pedestrians hurry, glabella with a glimmer of hope mixed with despair in the running.
5, a shell the whole life time to the countless grains of sand into a pearl is not the rule, the rainbow after the rain has to build up the beauty of blossoming moment numerous water vapor. If these are seen as a setback again, then is a dazzling achievement setbacks pearls and beautiful rainbow.
6, life is an undefeated regular open flowers, that setback will be spent nourishing nutrients, did not experience the frustration of life is not full of life; do not feed it with nutrients will sooner or later the flowers wither.
7, a dream woke up, dusk has fallen, suddenly see the light, is pleased to go home. Crazy magic Ye Hao, sentiment worth mentioning, in this youth's flying life, who also is a harvest. Still thinking "not for the flowers bloom, but for even more brilliant.
8, long ago in the divergent views in a loss, can not find the way forward; long ago, in the words of others only a fragment of lost, missing a pair of fly wings confusion; before long, Or did not choose to listen to adhere to the courage of a little light heart the way the sun - a friend, Do not disheartened, do not air funeral, please listen to the call of the soul of that truth, let the lamp of mind as you navigate!
9, the road of life is your own, no one can help me go on, but, I need not go back and trembling for fear of the dark shadow engulfed the sun bright light, so once the face of life among the sun is the glory.
10 Exile yellow city to light the Wind, slight sigh Cang Huang Qing hero. Former Department Bianhe scenery, difficult to carry out re-assumed. Success or failure of any of the Western East, Home View my infinite, to whom and with pride? Of Zhu appointed his life, braving the snow and Snapshots.
11, learn to forgive others is to learn to treat themselves. Hatred can only make our hearts forever live in darkness; and forgiveness, but let our hearts be free, be liberated. To forgive others, you can make life more pleasant. Forgive others, you can let us have more friends. Forgive others, is the liberation of their own, but also a purity of his soul.
12, gently opened the window, spinning round and round leaves children, in the sky left a beautiful arc, without a sense of the fragility of life, as long as the window to see with the heart, you will find that it is only "on behalf of the quadrangle as Chunni more "It is autumn in the praise, is not it? Friends, open the window it! You will find: the original life so beautiful.
prom dresses,
13, walking in a dream before, prom dresses with the action to call for better and hope to prove with practice. In the hope and vision, the most important thing is down to earth. The starting, let us move up; firm belief, let us keep the job. We have only one ancient creed: feet on the ground, before walking in a dream.
14, life, long way away, despite the temptations. Who, as a small and lonely individual, multiple-choice questions in life before the inevitable wandering up. In a another ferry, in one after another dangerous signal to people, how to choose what, what the options?
15, the pain of life to the mother's pain as a starting point for the end to the sorrow of their loved ones, regardless of how people brag how lucky, the pain always go hand in hand. Gradually, people began to fear, began to retreat, began to forget the numb their souls, they tried to get rid of the pain, so there will be a hermit existence.
16, tolerance is a virtue, it can resolve all the hatred, even if a person did something wrong, but if the heart is sincere, we should be tolerant him, forgiveness is the best way to treat others, not demanding is not responsible for resentment, to others to give yourself a chance of dry Yi to end wars, so full of love in their own surroundings. Tolerance able to jail people a second chance; tolerance can give an unlimited life, the people lose confidence in the warmth; tolerance can make the world more beautiful. Some people, because of not taking other people's tolerance and not of no return, tolerance is based on good faith, only be honest, will be tolerated. Tolerance, will give people warm, also make themselves easy Let us have a forgiving heart it!
17, I would like to tell you that life is rough Ke Hum, stumbled it is inevitable. However, whether or how many times, you must be strong to stand up again. Any time, no matter how you face the confusion of life, or experiencing much frustration, no matter how difficult the road, no matter how slim hope to become, please do not despair, try again, success must be yours!
18, the flower of life, the reason for John to open undefeated, because she suffered a number of vicissitudes of play, how much change through the edge of life and death. Flower of Life, not only the soul of flesh and blood. Her soul had been sublimated in heaven.
19, tried to indulge himself, but always tie him down on the excessive restraint, to follow the law of life is just a lost soul of the Body
20, not some cold biting, how have plum smell of incense
21, I do not love literature, I just have something to say.
22, love is eyes touch.
23, I have an alternative style, because I did not been on the classroom.
24, I am not a heavyweight, because I did not read the packaging.
wow cd keys,
25, Maple Leaf so descend because it flush up.wow cd keys
26, my words, that you stepped on the footprints.
27, women can keep their youth, are men of merit.
28, do not spend time on a sigh of defeat, that would be a bigger mistake.
29, entered the classroom, the education we love it love it, never make it clear how to love. You see, getting along more cattle, the more there is no nationality in mind. 30, you do not pierce the sea, the sun will not get out.
31, the silence of successful people is to make themselves even more cause for concern.
32, the world is bending every way.
33, wisdom is always rooted in loneliness.
34, the person nearest to you is your own, but you always see so clearly.
35, wisdom is a knife, a grind on the light.
36, do not understand you people, always take you when the topic.
World of Warcraft power leveling,
37, were born, World of Warcraft power leveling they begin to find their place.
38, life is a metamorphosis.
39, a butterfly flowers ready, willing to dish flower child.
40, the wind said: Although I did not color, but I'm free.
41, the earth is rolling wheels, the sun is the ring of the axis.
42, the same as marriage, like housework, often finishing needs.
43, between husband and wife, betrayal is the spirit of the drug.
44, women decorate themselves, is to hold more tightly to their own.
45, many people struggle to have secure ownership.
46, they are not clear, said people cheat you.
47, each ending tailor his or her own hand.
48, each life we are building.
replica sunglasses,
49, trees clinging to the land, replica sunglasses as human beings clinging to love.
50, ripe fruit, it knelt down. Not cooked all to stretch on tiptoe.
51, hold not live your life, Let the mercy of the moon and stars.
52, you would like to keep up appearances, must first lay the background.
53, is never let off their own stubborn.
54, advertising is always magnified, others will see more detail.
55, superseding the former wave, the total energy of the water Ji Zhang. Abyss with bottom end, only people without a short length.
56, I do not do pearls, so I will not pain. I am willing to do a lot of dirt, as long as someone riding in the past, I became a road.
57, all things are the reincarnation of the world, one thing is not reincarnation, it is painful.
58, the final mystery of life is death.
59, once you set the goal, you become a target of the slaves.
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60, once you have the ideal, world of warcraft power leveling the ideal has become tangled with your lover.
61, some of the greatest happiness, is glad that they are very stupid.
62, you see the photograph of the wall of the landscape, although the waves, it can not nourish the seedlings Wo.
63, sunflower is the most faithful servant of the sun.
64, leaves the tree of cloud base.
65, the world is always waiting for someone else to do his close friend, and never thought to do someone else's confidant.
66, the dream is a self-made cocoon.
67, survival, busy, competitive. Youth and love like extortion. Roughly with the eyelashes to the times, played a parcel sent to China.
67, since the life of the curtain has been opened, it must be a positive performance; As has already taken steps, rough weather can not regress; since I have hope that the broadcast here, it must adhere to the victory of the curtain call.
68, the world's most remote distance, not life and death, but I stand in front of you, you do not know that I love you. Distance in the world, not when I stand before you, you do not know that I love you, but undoubtedly knowing the love, but can not be together. Distance in the world, is not obviously in love, but can not be together, but obviously could not resist the yearning, Yet pretending you have never been in my heart. Distance in the world, plainly can not resist the yearning,
Yet pretending you have never been in my heart, but with their own Lengmo heart, who loves you the one who dug ditches.
2moons dil,
69, if worthy of appreciation, 2moons dil a love heart on the full to enjoy it!
17.09.2010 01:04 Offline ainiyess

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Коментари: 157

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25.05.2015 09:30 Offline kiyoumins

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